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Five years to be clean and a model for the world. The launch 2 October 2014 Well done  as today Prime Minister Modi launched the ‘My Clean India campaign that aims to make India ‘clean’ in just five years.  He went on to say that “Bapu gave us the message ‘Quit India. Clean India’, but his ‘Clean India’ dream is still unfulfilled,” - “I am confident that Clean India will give us as much joy as Quit India”. Yes to that! The flame was lit seven years ago. You can read more at eg. http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/modi-launches-my-clean-india- campaign/article6468047.ece. The original My Clean India website at www.mycleanindia.org, but in a week http://mycleanindia.in/. (www.mycleanindia.com has the historical lead up to My Clean India) PM Modi also asked citizens to take photos of garbage, upload them on social media, upload videos of them cleaning the spot, and finally upload a picture of the clean spot. The emphasis is on non- littering as My Clean is really about attitude, and not the symptoms of poor attitude as expressed by that litter! Do you know why there is a ‘My’ in ‘My Clean India’? I feel the PM is right to say that a clean India will give as much joy as the Quit India campaign as My Clean India is about us, you and I, about not pointing the fingers at others, as I once encountered in 2007. Seven years ago, I asked the people of Nainital about all the rubbish and their fingers came out - fingers pointing to tourists, to the nagar palika, to the Lakes Commission etc. Well while I don’t mean to single out that town, because in the scores of towns and cities I visited, I heard the same story, of blaming others for indifference to the littering. My Clean India was progressively launched and twenty places like Agra, Ajmer, Almora, Allahabad to Lucknow to Ghaziabad etc have been in action. Nainital stood out, not only did it start MCI but it didn’t stop with a clean up day, the people took action, creating Mission Butterfly as a remarkable, community-owned waste management program. A stunning statement of what is possible through a change of attitude which is what Gandhiji was promoting. Now finally there is management of My Clean India (MCI) in India and the government is right behind it, so…………. …………you played a part in the revolution of attitude that has the significance of Quit India! Again, I would like to share why I started this campaign as My Clean India and encourage you to actively participate with the PM as MCI is also in the interest of the core of the country -you. It was because a group of young students from St Mary’s College in Nainital, who stopped me in the street in 2007 asking me, and as a foreigner, “Please Sir, can we take charge of the Mall Road (the main road), and ensure it is kept clean?”. The youth really do want to make a difference, but they often don’t feel they know how and will even approach a foreigner, me, in desperation. The youth don’t feel the opportunity or the freedom to take action – that freedom I call “space”. My Clean India creates “space”, the freedom, for others to be in action. Your role, your opportunity, is therefore to help create that space.  The challenge is not to cajole, request or push people into action, but to create the opportunity for them, to be in action, because they want to and own the result of what they do. This can be a clean and prosperous town, or a clean school, or the surrounds of the school. It is very important that they are seen as the initiators and can own the outcome of what they have chosen to do towards a clean India. Will you take on this challenge promoted by the Prime Minister to create a Clean India? My Clean India can become the inspiration for the world, including my own country. India is an amazing country and in many respects a model for the world. Cleanliness is not just about litter, it is about attitude and every country is eligible to look at its own attitude of what is “clean”. It was so nice to receive this quick update note from Suresh in Ajmer.....Yes, we are all so excited about the initiative taken by the PM and a lot has started to happen and it is visible. My Clean School Ajmer is working with 8 Govt. schools and we are really happy with the work being done by some of them-the students led by the Head. Today we launched a Swatch Bharat Abhiyan in the colony we live in and the response was was very satisfying.The residents do want a cleaner environment and are willing to get their hands dirty to show that they do care and are willing to be the change they want to see! The flame is burning - see also the Facebook page. And valuable insights and comments from Suresh Mathur Remco van Santen