Created in response to a United Nations Agenda

My Clean School (MCS) was created in response to the United Nations (UN) call for the participation of youth to create a sustainable environment with the wider community (UN Agenda 21, Ch. 25) .

Community model

Each school has an opportunity to being a community model with their students empowered to explore, interact to practice stewardship and leadership.

Promotes Inquiry

My Clean practices Appreciative Inquiry as a pathway for innovation and action, leadership and opportunities to make a difference. Progressive Inquiry is used to create awareness of what is, what isn't and what could be done as a pathway creating ripples within the schools' community and in the wider community.

Other organisations?

Most externally funded initiatives aimed at helping the community to solve problems are designed and applied using participatory techniques including workshops to uncover problems, restraints on resources, deficiencies and unfulfilled needs. While such initiatives emphasises the importance of local knowledge including the problems, they often fail to maintain community participation after withdrawal of the supporting entity or the funding. My Clean, owned by the people, is self-sustaining.

What outcome?

MCS creates opportunities (the space) for the youth to feel satisfied with their schooling and, on graduating, to be more employable. Symbolically MCS addresses the other side of the hand with scholastics taking care of the other, and by that strengthening the whole. Scholastics side Who you are being Making a whole,  empowered MCS is therefore a complement to scholastic learning and can be integrated into the school curriculum without additional effort by the teachers or students as it is about focus and out-of school (eg. at home) ways of being. While cleanliness (including of self and mind) is an outcome, it is the being in action (in the spirit of My Clean) which empowers the individual especially through interaction with members of the community.

What can the schools actually do?

The schools can undertake a broad range of activities including from finding the Cleanest Street (for sponsored award), surveys of issues including community attitude, media releases; promoting agreements, progress reports, and occasional activities such as…. Community interaction Surveys of community-identified issues and proposed solutions.  Create and have community sign agreements and oaths to keep an area clean. Awareness building eg about better sanitation and clean water.. Street marshals to take responsibility for on-going cleanliness and reporting. Finding the Cleanest Street of 20xx awards (with sponsorship for prizes). Acknowledgement Certificates for people, businesses and organisations that make a contribution to the environment. Promoting the sponsorship of litter bins. Preparation of media releases based on activities such as surveys.
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Below, students at St John’s Senior School put on a delightful musical to show their commitment to My Clean Meerut with support from the Janhit Foundation.

The key features of My Clean School are:

The youth choose (with guidance) what action to take and then own the outcomes of their initiatives. Promote Appreciative Inquiry, which looks at what is working and then builds on that. One could say, the spirit of My Clean discovers seeds and nurtures them (displacing the weeds). A key feature is therefore the acknowledgment of others, including businesses who make a contribution to a cleaner environment. Students may also practice Progressive Inquiry which is looking at what is not working, what it could look like and how it could become better. The students own the results of their endeavours.
Outcomes of My Clean Schools benefit from students who are satisfied with their schooling. The environment becomes cleaner in a sustainable  way. Builds community spirit. High profile media coverage of sponsors. More employable people - confident, creative and self starters. Because students choose for themselves and own the outcome.

For the schools therefore.....

Schools can practice the principles of My Clean and be models for their community and an inspiration of what is possible and for students to feell empowered, employable and capable feeling proud of their schooling. See also International schools partnering
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”
Suresh Mathur managed the 4th October Ajmer’s  My Clean School event in the spirit of My Clean.
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Because of the habits formed in our society and so our schools, people find it more expedient to direct students and not draw out the inherent goodness in them. I do hope the msg will get across even if it takes time.Quotation from MCI facilitator Suresh Mathur