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‘Problems’ are also opportunities.

My Clean believes that any neglect of our environment such as littering, is simply a symptom of poor community spirit and a personal feeling of disempowerment. It therefore aims to empower people to choose, to take action, and to own the outcome - to create a “we did that!” feeling. A universal problem of litter becomes a universal opportunity to enrol others in the spirit of My Clean. For students in particular, it represents opportunities to practice leadership and develop the feeling and confidence that we can all make a difference. My Clean knows that we can be the change that Gandhiji referred to. Q&A animation. 1.Concept 2.MCI  
An interim website for India. New site to be at MyCleanIndia.in

My Clean India - and you

My Clean India is a network for empowering people, especially the youth. It promotes opportunities for action and acknowledges those that contribute to the spirit of My Clean.  My Clean promotes a prosperous and beautiful environment created and nurtured by a supportive community. That ‘community’ can be your family, friends, schools, groups, towns or cities and your opportunity, perhaps a life-changing experience, is to create leaders to inspire your ‘community’ however small or large that may be.


My Clean India represents a banner and a creator of opportunity (space) for students, people and organisations to be in action and to be acknowledged for their achievements. So while My Clean creates and supports champions and an opportunity to practice leadership, your role can simply to be  the wind beneath their wings, support. My Clean therefore is your opportunity to: 1. Step out and find ways to inspire others in your passion. 2. Discover from that experience that you will live life more joyfully and successfully!
The Sankalp (oath) *  I commit to being responsible for the beauty of my environment *  I commit to build this awareness and encourage action in my community *  I commit to a prosperous community, in harmony with nature  Prosperity and beauty through community.
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